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Professional Translations

  • Technology, business, law, natural sciences
  • Scientific papers, documentations
  • Studies, research reports, expert reports/opinions
  • Environmental protection, renewable energies, future technology
  • The arts and humanities, general texts, and more
  • Medicine, pharmacology, medicinal product law and applications, drug studies
  • Reports on examinations and surgery, medical and doctor reports
  • Documents related to the courts, public authorities, notaries and lawyers
  • Documents and contracts of all kinds
  • Contracts, official documents of all kinds with and without official certification
  • Taxation, banking, stock exchange and insurance texts, annual financial statements
  • Operating instructions, manuals

Professional translation with official certification

  • Legal documents; school reports, training and university diplomas, certificates and transcripts; letters of reference from employers
  • Documents and contracts of all kinds
  • Documents related to the courts, public authorities, notaries and lawyers

at no additional charge

All professional translations by experienced, native-speaker, specialized translators

About us

Professional translation service well-established in industry and business, with law offices, notary’s offices and with public authorities and the courts, with more than 40 years of experience in professional translations in all branches, subject areas and languages.

Upon customer request, certification of all kinds of professional translations, documents, etc. by officially appointed and court-sworn specialized professional translators. We work exclusively according to the native-speaker principle, with an extensive team of qualified native-speaker specialists who are accomplished and experienced in their fields of translation.
We have the right professional translators for every branch and language!

Our express service is available for professional translations that are needed in a hurry, with no additional charge. All professional translations are subject to strict quality management.

All professional translations in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100, the European Quality Standard for professional translation services & processes (DIN Certco Reg. No. 7U213)

Our friendly service means that we would also be happy to provide you with expert information at any time.


To strengthen our professional team, we are seeking:

English / American native-speaker specialized translators
for the following subject areas:
• Technology, business, law, natural sciences

Spanish native-speaker specialized translators
for the following subject areas:
• Applications for medicinal products, extension decisions, manufacturing authorizations, GMP certificates (condition: sworn translator registered at the Landgericht München I)

German native-speaker specialized translators
for the following subject areas:
• Technology, natural sciences, contracts, taxes, legal matters

Please send applications to our e-mail address.


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D-81375 München